Asset Protection Attorney in Boca Raton

Kocher Law Firm has extensive expertise in assisting our clients with asset protection matters. Our ultimate goal is to preserve as much wealth as possible, while minimizing our clients’ risk exposure in safeguarding assets. 

We have years of expertise in ensuring the safety of our clients’ assets during their own lifetimes and for future generations to come. By using legally sound and conservative asset protection strategies, our clients are able to protect their wealth and minimize the risk of creditors and other third parties from staking a claim to business interests, real estate interests, and other investments.

Do I need an Asset Protection Plan?

Many people can benefit from having a solid asset protection plan in place. Anyone who owns a business, holds real estate investments, or has significant liquid assets should consider setting up an asset protection plan. Additionally, anyone who has an expected inheritance from a loved one should consider hiring an experienced asset protection attorney.

You should invest in a top-notch asset protection plan if any of the following applies to you: 

  • You own substantial liquid assets (cash and/or securities) 
  • You own one or more real estate investment or vacation properties in your own name  
  • You are expecting inheritance from an estate, trust, or other sources 
  • You have minimal or no insurance on your business, vehicle, or real estate investment or vacation properties 

A strong asset protection plan can be viewed as another credible form of insurance, which protects your legacy and wealth by minimizing your exposure to lawsuits by creditors and third parties. Common asset protection strategies include setting up irrevocable trusts, multi-member limited liability companies, and family limited partnerships.  Additionally, Florida law places strong asset protection on homestead property, and this asset is often relied upon as an important piece of the asset protection plan. 

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