probate and Trust Litigation Attorney in Boca Raton

When an individual passes, in addition to the expected grief of losing a family member or loved one, there may be differing views on how the estate and assets should be administered. Litigation often is the result of a breach of duty by the fiduciary (e.g. the Personal Representative or Trustee), undue influence by a third party, or a poorly drafted estate plan which does not truly reflect the wishes of the decedent.

If a solution cannot be reached when these conflicts occur, the most effective and efficient way to handle these situations is to call an experienced probate and trust litigation attorney in Boca Raton. Kocher Law Firm has extensive experience in representing both beneficiaries and fiduciaries in these types of matters, and understands the delicate emotional and legal complexities involved.

 Kocher Law Firm has experience in handling a wide variety of litigation matters, including:

  • Will and Trust contests
  • Undue influence claims
  • Fiduciary breach of duty claims
  • Contested and non-contested trust modification, reformation, and termination matters
  • Disputes related to Florida Homestead

let us provide the representation you deserve

Our services reach far beyond simple probate and trust litigation. Our firm prides itself on not only providing excellent legal representation to our clients, but also serves as a counselor in navigating the sensitive and emotional matters involved in each case. 

No matter the reason for the probate or trust dispute, Kocher Law Firm always goes above and beyond for our clients. From a distance, Florida estate and trust law can seem confusing. To navigate these  complicated areas of the law, you need a trusted team by your side. Our firm has years of experience in successfully defending fiduciaries and pursuing claims on behalf of beneficiaries and heirs. Kocher Law Firm will work with you every step of the way to pursue justice and deliver the representation that you deserve.

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